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28th July

THE essence of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism is to chant daimoku encompassing practice both for oneself and others, and lead all humanity to peace and happiness in the Latter Day of the Law and for all eternity. This means chanting with the spirit to help people become happy and advancing with faith that is directed towards realising kosen-rufu in actual society.

AN organisation dedicated to good enhances people’s capacity to work for good and promotes unlimited growth and self-improvement. It does not hinder people’s progress or lead them astray. It supports people’s self improvement, putting them on a sure course to happiness and personal growth. And it is for this purpose that our organisation exists.

THE spirit to be concerned about the welfare of one’s friends is the spirit of the bodhisattva. Our dedicated actions for the sake of others are all transformed into our own treasures. When we make an ongoing commitment to work for the sake of others, we are able to lead fulfilled lives and expand our state of life.

WHEN we worship the Gohonzon, the eternal life of time without beginning wells up within us. For one who believes in the Gohonzon, every day, every instant begins from time without beginning. We are always setting out, full of hope, from today to the future, from this moment to eternal happiness. We are always young, always beginning.

ONE’S faith can be said to be perfect only when it is supported with sincere abundant daimoku and courageous action for others and kosen-rufu. In this sense I want you to be deeply convinced that your day-and-night efforts in activities for the happiness of others are exactly in tune with the supreme and universal principle of Buddhism.

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27th July

WHAT is vital above all is passion, perseverance, earnest prayer, and the spirit of unity to work together with a diverse group of people based on a shared sense of purpose.

ONE important thing we gain from the study of history is a larger, broader point of view. If we are always looking at the ground when we walk down the street, we are quite likely to get lost. But by looking up and choosing something big to orient ourselves by, we can make sure we are heading in the right direction.

THE path in faith in the Mystic Law is the supreme path of conviction. Therefore, if one is going to stop halfway, then one may as well not bother starting to begin with. Only by advancing forward, ever forward, without giving in, can one attain eternal happiness.

ACTION is the source of blessings and merits. In propagating the teachings, for example, whether the person you are presenting the teachings to arouse faith is his problem. The effects of our action of propagating will vary, depending on the person’s capacities and other conditions. There is no need to rejoice or lament over each effect. One who has acted for the sake of kosen-rufu is already a great victor in life.

TO be praised by Nichiren Daishonin is the greatest honour and cause for happiness. Being praised by the foolish is the least respectable thing. The question of whether or not you deserve Nichiren Daishonin’s praise relates to the essence of your faith.

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26th July

LIFE is not easy for anyone. One may be exposed to violent storms or be shakened by a high tide of obstacles. This is especially so for us, who are striving to accomplish the unprecedented task of kosen-rufu. Therefore, you should never be swept away by any hardship or retreat in the face of any crisis.

IN Buddhism, practice is faith. That means action is faith, and without action there can be no faith. The action I speak of is the Way of practice for oneself and for others that is taught in Nichiren Daishonin’s writings.

WHEN people are ignorant, they cannot open up their own life nor gain the respect of others. To overcome ignorance, one must study and learn. Intellect is important. A person who has intellect possesses stability and endurance. People who are swayed between one extreme and another, people who are governed by their emotions, do not persist in or continue anything for long.

IT is important to always “start from now”, to have plans and aspirations, and it is a particularly crucial factor in making the last years of one’s life rewarding and fulfilling ones.

WE live in an evil world defiled by the five impurities. While reminding one another to be careful and while watching out for each other, let us continue advancing based on the principles that faith means not causing accidents and that suffering no accidents is itself victory.

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25th July

IN the world of faith, having a sincere and faithful mind enable you to keep yourself in tune with the rhythm of the Mystic Law; then you will quickly receive benefit and your good fortune will increase.

IT is only natural that the energy you acquire through the practice of gongyo for yourself will be channeled back into your activities for others, for kosen-rufu. The fact is that the practice of gongyo and your actions in service of kosen-rufu will become one, and together they will unlock the infinite power of the Mystic Law for your life.

AN earnest struggle, just like a river crashing loudly over rocks, will inevitably encounter obstacle and devilish functions. If you keep pressing forward, not allowing yourself to be defeated in your struggle, you will surge forward with increased impetus and achieve great results – just as a river flows with increasing momentum each time it crashes against rocks, racing on with great vigour.

THE determination to accomplish kosen-rufu gives momentum to the determination to accomplish one’s human revolution. Human revolution is like a planet’s rotation on its axis, while kosen-rufu is like the planet’s revolution around the sun. Rotation and revolution are the foundation of all motion in the universe. It would run counter to the laws of the universe if a planet did not revolve around the sun.

PLEASE read the Gosho each day, even if only a single paragraph or sentence. Mr Josei Toda used to say, “When you are tired, that is when you should study the Gosho.” The Gosho blazes with the brilliant life of Nichiren Daishonin. When we expose ourselves to the Gosho, our life changes and wisdom, courage and confidence well forth.

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24th July

WHAT is the key to realizing victory in an age of great upheaval and tumultuous change? It is for leaders to move, to stand in the forefront and to take initiative. I hope that you will make steady efforts to meet with many people and create allies. Keeping yourself informed, please take full responsibility and always be the first to act.

THE spirit of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth is found in the faith to dedicate oneself whole-heartedly to kosen-rufu. If people lose this spirit, then no matter how splendid their appearances are, their hearts will be tainted by worldly affairs and concerns.

THE struggle to cut the roots of evil is actually a struggle to sever the roots of evil and unhappiness that exist within our own lives. If we compromise with evil, leaving some roots behind, it will eventually flourish and grow again. Roots of unhappiness will also remain in our own lives and we will suffer.

TO attain Buddhahood in this life, the Daishonin warned us with firm concern that we must never retreat in our practice. Even though we may experience a period of sadness or depression, the principle that earthly desires are enlightenment teaches us that great sufferings are bound to be transformed into equally great joy, progress and value. There is nothing to fear, since the Gohonzon possesses the infinite power of the Law and the Buddha.

TIME is given to everyone. Therefore, being able to build a life of glory, victory and happiness depends on whether you spend your time meaningfully and free of regret.

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23rd July

THE SGI exists widely to propagate the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin. In the course of this struggle, there will naturally be times when we are faced with extreme hardships and difficulties. The Daishonin was fiercely attacked by people throughout Japan. Nevertheless, he dauntless took action to open a great and eternal path of hope for all humankind. We are carrying on the Daishonin’s great legacy.

COWARDICE is harmful, for it delights the enemies of Buddhism and obstructs the advance of kosen-rufu. The fainthearted cannot savour the true benefit of faith; their ability to tap the power of the Buddha and the power of the Law (of the Gohonzon) in their lives is enfeebled.

TO treasure the children of the Buddha who are devoted to kosen-rufu is to treasure and strengthen one’s own Buddhahood. The more one praises those who are diligently exerting themselves, the more good fortune, the more momentum, is added to one’s own life and to the organization.

IF we do not practice gongyo, the rhythm in our lives will be thrown off kilter, just as a machine that is not oiled will rust. Gongyo and chanting daimoku are like starting the automobile engine every day and driving in the direction of happiness and truth. By doing so day after day, you will gradually attain perfect unity with the universe and the Law. That state is the state of Buddha.

FAITH itself is invisible. However, faith is bound to manifest in a tangible form as words and deeds, thereby greatly affecting the environment. At the same time, no matter what circumstances you face, you either win or lose. As a Buddhist, you must win each struggle in which you are engaged. And faith in the Gohonzon enables you to do so.

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22nd July

SURELY, many obstacles will arise in the course of our Buddhist practice. They occur because of our efforts to propagate the True Law. Many difficulties that stand in our way actually serve to test whether or not our faith is strong enough to enable us to reach enlightenment in this lifetime.

GONGYO is a practice which calls forth and cultivates the infinite power that the microcosm inherently possesses. It transforms your fate, break through any apparent dead ends and converts sufferings into happiness. It creates a transformation, a resolution of the microcosm. It is a diagram in miniature of kosen-rufu in our lives.

ULTIMATELY, when we live in accord with the great eternal Law, everything in our life becomes a source of happiness. Without this firm basis, any happiness, no matter how wonderful it may appear, is but transitory and fleeting.

OUR personality does not determine our happiness or unhappiness; rather it is the substance of how we have lived our lives that decides. The purpose of Buddhism and education as well as of all our efforts towards self-improvement and growth is to enhance that substance. This is what life is all about.

HUMAN society is a struggle between good and evil. The evil are easily united by shared self-interest. That is why it is so important for good people to unite and form alliances and networks to counter and combat those negative forces. Let me share these words of President Makiguchi with you: “If good people allow evil people to do as they please, though they may regard themselves high above such people, they have in effect already capitulated to evil.”

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21st July

UNLESS one’s faith is pure to the core, he will not be able to cultivate the strong life-force needed to battle with unrelenting devilish functions. This is the most important and crucial point for your development. Please remember it always.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN’S Buddhism teaches that our existence is identical to the universe as a whole, and the universe as a whole is identical to our existence. Each individual human life is a microcosm. The practice of gongyo is a grand and noble life to achieve the vital communication of the microcosm of each person’s existence with the universe, based on the Gohonzon.

THE greater the hardships one undergoes, the greater potential that exists for one to grow. The deeper one’s sufferings are, the more profound will be the joy one experiences when one triumphs over it. Difficulties lead to enlightenment, great obstacles lead to Buddhahood.

READING good books cultivates and nourishes one’s life. A good classic never grows old, it is always refreshing and new. Its message will be just as valid in the new century. Encountering such a work is truly a lifelong treasure.

THE 21st century will be a century of the universe and a century of life. It will also be a century of philosophy, in which the philosophy one upholds and practices will be brought sharply into focus. I hope that you, who embrace a great philosophy that encompasses all life and the universe, will never forget to be confident and proud that you are advancing at the forefront of this new century.

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20th July

THE trust, respect and appreciation that bind fellow members together serve to amplify the spiritual strength of each individual. Unity is strength. In our movement for kosen-rufu, advancing in the unity of “many in body, one in mind” is key.

THE purpose of our lives, to the very last moment, is to achieve something of value. There is no life more noble than that of individuals who dedicate themselves to something they believed in and strive for it wholeheartedly, individuals who give their lives selflessly to their beliefs.

AN absence of suffering does not equal happiness. Happiness depends on developing the state of mind where one is able to transform all sufferings into joy. This rigourous struggle in turn gives rise to immense satisfaction and value.

YOU who have embraced this great Law are millionaires rich in life force and who possess good fortune surpassing the wealth of even the world’s richest people. Material possessions cannot be enjoyed after death. But, “millionaires rich in life force” are able to freely make use of the treasures of the universe in lifetime after lifetime and enjoy a journey of eternal happiness. That is what constitutes proof of victory in life.

PEOPLE have different missions to fulfill and different places where they must live to fulfill them. The person who decides to establish himself firmly in his community and who continues to advance with perseverance and hope while struggling with reality will be a victor in life. Through faith, you can transform the land where you live into a land of victory and happiness.

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19th July

HAPPINESS is determined by our state of life and by the depth of the philosophy we live by. To be happy requires strength; weakness leads to unhappiness. I especially hope that the members of the Young Women Division will become women of indomitable spirit and inner strength.

WHILE in your teens, your scope of experience is still quite limited and you may not yet have found which area your talent will be best suited to. It is easy to fall into the trap thinking that nothing could be more desirable than love. But there is more to life than love. Particularly in the case of women, I feel, real happiness is determined after they enter their forties and onwards.

IN order to develop our wisdom, it is vital that you summon forth strong faith. Even though sometimes the results of prayers based on strong faith may not be immediately apparent, as time goes by they will definitely bring forth a rhythm of victory. Infinite wisdom opens the path to infinite victory – this is the essence of faith.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN taught the principle that “embracing the Gohonzon is in itself enlightenment”. Thus, by believing in and embracing the Gohonzon, which embodies the state of Buddhahood and the mutual possession of the Ten Worlds, one can observe, and manifest, the world of Buddhahood existing in his own life.

ARROGANCE is fearful. Human beings are often brought to ruin by pride and impatience. They are self-complacent and unable to win the trust of those around them.

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