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5th September

ONLY human beings can have ideals. Our difficult struggles amid the severe realities of life alone cannot inspire hope. To build a house, to make a good marriage – these, too, are ideals. In life, we must have ideals. And among these, the ideal of kosen-rufu is the loftiest.

THE prime point of my life is that I am the disciple of President Toda. This is my point of departure and the point that I return to do everything I undertake. Precisely because I have this immovable prime point, there is nothing that I am afraid of, and nothing can perturb me. I am free of confusion, and am in no danger of succumbing to arrogance. I hope that each of you will firmly establish your spiritual prime point. For therein lies the key to your proudly scaling the high mountains of human life.

PLEASE spend your entire lives embraces by the infinite benefits of Gohonzon, and open within yourself, a boundless inner palace. Proudly and valiantly devote yourself to kosen-rufu as you walk the path of faith, the highest path a human being can follow, and lead the most splendid kind of existence.

EVERYONE dies eventually. Almost none of us here or of the several billion other people on the planet at this moment will still be alive a hundred years from now. This is a stern reality that nothing can change. When we deeply recognize this truth, it becomes impossible for us to squander our lives.

RESPECTING others is an indication of one’s depth as a person, the strength and profundity of one’s character. If you are demanding of yourself, you can be kind to others. The person who works hardest is the most accepting of others. In contrast, those who are slipshod and undisciplined themselves are usually hard on others. Those who have never worked hard themselves tend to demand that others do so.

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4th September

THERE is a saying: “The fish rots from the head.” The higher your leadership position is, the more you must unite and work together. Those who have undergone though leadership themselves can understand and empathize with the sufferings of others. Those who have worked hard themselves can appreciate the value of others’ hard work and effort.

OUR mind and energy should be concentrated on the tasks we must accomplish. Our prayer is then directed, and through the principle of three thousand realms in a single moment of life, the entire universe will move towards our victory and success.

YOU may confront both steep mountains and deep valleys throughout the course of your life. The more you traverse such rugged terrain, the more you can come to understand the hearts of others and the anguish of those who are suffering. In this sense, as long as you remain undefeated by hardships, you can even regard them as your benefits.

WE must gain decisive victory over the harsh realities of society and lead a life which is correct and unwavering. This is the purpose of our faith. We have to become wise and strong. The purpose of Buddhism is to produce people of wisdom who can judge the right from the wrong on their own in the clear mirror of Buddhism.

I hope you will practice faith so that you may live a bright, cheerful existence. To this end, you should carry through with bright and cheerful faith, and a joyful practice of shakubuku. My deepest hope is that you will live a bright and cheerful life, day by day, always burning with hope for the future.

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3rd September

THE journey of kosen-rufu is long, extending into the distant future. There is no need to rush or be impatient. The important thing now is to foster talented individuals one at a time and build a firm and unshakeable foundation.

WE must live our lives wisely and thoughtfully. Many people tend to give up on the way to reaching their goal, thinking they have encountered a dead end. However, though it may be long and difficult, there is always another route, another solution, to follow.

RUDE or disrespectful language should not be used in the organization. When talking to fellow members, you should approach one another courteously and in a spirit of mutual respect, regardless of the differences in organizational position. Always remember: conduct that is courteous and rich in common sense, conduct that shines with human character is the mark of a person of faith.

TO a person who is possessed by the lust for power, even the most selfless, benevolent actions of others will appear as cunning moves undertaken to gain power. Similarly, to a person who has a strong desire for fame, actions based on conviction and consideration will be seen as publicity stunts. Those who have become slaves of money simply cannot believe that there are people in the world who are strangers to the desire for wealth.

WHEN a person forms a relationship with the Law of Myoho even once, no mater what kind of life he leads, he begins to develop within himself a “diamond vessel” of Buddhahood. The pre-requisite for both lasting world peace and happiness for all mankind lies in creating a fortress for peace and happiness in the life of each individual.

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2nd September

MASTERING the essence of Buddhist practice, which is the purpose of life, lies in how fully we can grasp the significance of our lives, and how deeply we can sense our own individual mission in the environment where we find ourselves now. This is the key point of our faith.

WE are a gathering of children of the Buddha. Therefore, if we respect one another, our good fortune will multiply infinitely, like an image reflected back and forth among mirrors. A person who practices alone cannot experience the tremendous multiplications of benefits. In short, the environment you find yourself in, whether favourable or not, is the product of your own life. Most people, however, fail to understand this and tend to blame others for their troubles.

EVEN if we may appear to be suffering, we must realize that we have been born into our present circumstances at our own wish. Each of us desired to take on our respective roles – whether it is that of having no money or being sick – so that, through carrying out our human revolution to overcome the problem, we could demonstrate the power of the Mystic Law.

WHEN we wholeheartedly talk to friends about Buddhism, joy wells forth and our state of life expands. This is because the moment we engage in Buddhist dialogue, the immense life of a Bodhisattva of the Earth pulses within our being. Through our practice of propagation, we can carry out our human revolution. Propagation is the direct path to transforming our destiny and that of society, and to establishing lasting peace and happiness.

THE key for our endeavour for worldwide kosen-rufu is dialogue. Nichiren Daishonin urged us to speak with others to the best of our ability about Buddhism, even if we share only a single sentence or phrase. The more we engage others in dialogue, the more we can change the world. The more action we take, the more new frontiers, new possibilities will unfold.

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1st September

THE life of Buddhahood spans eternity. It is a completely free and unrestricted state of life in which we can always enjoy the enlightened properties of eternity, happiness, true self and purity (jo raku ga jo). With this self of Buddhahood hidden within us, we carry out the activities in the reality of the lower Six Worlds to fulfill our mission to accomplish kosen-rufu and to save all people from suffering.

IN general, the people around us reflect our state of life. Our personal preferences, for example, are mirrored in their attitudes. This is especially clear from the viewpoint of Buddhism which elucidates the workings of cause and effect as if in a spotless mirror.

WE uphold the Gohonzon. We uphold the Mystic Law. This means that we ourselves are entity of the Mystic Law. We are the entity of great good fortune; we are the Treasure Tower. Therefore, we can never be defeated. We need never be afraid. When you are absolutely certain that you are the Treasure Tower and the entity of the Buddha, you achieve a state of being in which life itself is enjoyable.

THE heart is what really matters. One cannot simply understand the depths of one’s heart. When we practice with the awareness that we may encounter the Gohonzon once in a hundred million or ten billion years, a profound sense of appreciation fills our heart each time we perform gongyo.

A person’s true worth is measured by the extent to which they live in the present while giving thought to the distant future, a hundred years, a thousand years hence. Please be assured that all of your commendable daily efforts will give rise to eternal good fortune and benefit, protecting your families, bringing prosperity to your communities and becoming the source for peace around the world.

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31st August

THOMAS JEFFERSON, the third president of the United States, wrote: “The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest.” Honesty is crucial; the honest person triumphs in life. The higher one’s position, the more important honesty is. This is the mark of a truly humanistic organization.

IF there is even just one person who awakens to his/her mission and earnestly advances in faith, if there is just one person with the dauntless spirit of a true lion, then, from that person, everything will unfold. Those who are aware of their missions have certain radiance. Those who dedicate their lives to their missions know joy. In this awareness and dedication, we find the wings to escape from the prison of sorrowful and painful karma and soar high into the expansive sky of happiness.

LATITUDE and generosity give birth to wisdom. While racing around frenetically each day may certainly be an expression of one’s sincere dedication, you will be happier if, on occasion, you slow down, relax, and with a broad and open mind take a good hard look at yourself and think about life.

WHEN we cherish a person with the same profound reverence as we would the Buddha, the Buddha nature in his life functions to protect us. On the other hand, if we belittle or regard the person with contempt, as though gazing into our own image reflected in a mirror, we will be disparaged in return.

YOU may have various worries right now in your daily life. However, it is the Mystic Law which enables you to solve any problems with composure, making them a springboard for your further growth. It also enables you to live out your life with total fulfillment and in the most valuable way, day after day, month after month, and year after year.

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30th August

LIFE passes quickly. If you waste your time in hesitation, complaining or criticizing others, or if you yield to your own lazy nature, before you know it, your youth will have passed you by. Each and every day is very important. It is my hope that you will spend a fulfilled life.

THERE is a Russian proverb which said: “It is no use to blame the looking glass if your face is awry.” Likewise, one’s happiness or unhappiness is entirely the reflection of the balance of good and bad causes accumulated in one’s life. No one can blame others for his misfortunes. In the world of faith, it is necessary to realize this all the more clearly.

BOTH Buddhism and life are a battle between victory and defeat. Do we win or lose? Will we be happy or sad? Those who make sincere and diligent efforts always win. They will shine with victory and happiness.

CHANTING daimoku earnestly, with strong determination, provides the impetus to fundamentally transform our state of life. By breaking through our own limits and obstacles with daimoku and courageous action, we gain access to a higher state of life. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo extends across the entire universe. Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism enables us to transform ourselves and develop an expansive state of life that encompasses the entire universe.

AS long as he lived, founding President Tsunesaburo Makiguchi continued to increase his circle of comrades in faith and develop his state of life limitlessly by taking action for kosen-rufu, chanting daimoku, and writing and speaking to spread the Law. This ceaseless dedication is the way of life of Buddhism; it is the way of life of Soka.

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29th August

IT is certain that those who maintain an immovable determination never to discard faith will receive the protection of all Buddhas.

WHILE controlling your mind, which is both extremely subtle and awesomely profound, you should strive to elevate your faith with freshness and vigour. When you do so, both your life and your surroundings will open wide before you, and every action you take will become a source of benefit. Understanding the subtle workings of one’s mind is the key to faith and to attaining Buddhahood in this lifetime.

THE actions we take for others, for the Law, for society and for kosen-rufu ultimately bring blessings to our own lives. To the extent that we exert ourselves in this way, our lives become polished. We become like magnets, drawing benefits into our lives. People who continue to chant daimoku throughout their lives, naturally become a “cluster of fortune and blessings” themselves.

IF you fall down seven times, get up on the eighth. In other words, do not give up when you feel discouraged, just pick yourself up and renew your determination each time.

WE have truly entered the age in which the great philosophy of Buddhism will lead the world. Many thoughtful, discerning leaders around the globe are focusing intently on the wisdom of Buddhism and enthusiastically endorse the humanistic principles upheld by the SGI. Let us proudly work to expand our network dedicated to bringing peace to the world through the propagation of the correct teaching of Buddhism.

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28th August

I hope you will never become the kind of cowardly individuals who gaze on indifferently while wrongdoing is perpetrated, taking the attitude that it does not concern you and that getting involved will only be to your detriment – the kind of self-serving individuals who constantly try to make themselves look good and maneuver to protect themselves from becoming the target of attack. Indifference to injustice is our enemy. Those who pretend not to see evil are accomplices of evil.

IN the multitude of people’s personalities, we see the Buddhist principle of cherry, plum, peach and apricot blossom at work. Just as each blossom is beautiful in its own way, each person is also endowed with their own special qualities.

WE must live our lives tenaciously to the very end. This is the spirit of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. In order to do this, it is vital never to be defeated. And this applies not only to us as individuals, but to our families and the organization as well. We must triumph over everything and always keep pressing on. Our endeavour to live this way in itself constitutes victory.

IF one practices reluctantly with a sense that it is a waste of time, disbelief and complaints will erase his good fortune. If one continues to practice this way, he will not experience remarkable benefits, and this will only serve to further convince him that his practice is in vain. This is a vicious cycle.

POSITION, social status and wealth all have their own relative importance, but in the final analysis, real happiness is determined by one’s state of life.

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27th August

ONLY by means of the supreme law of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo can one change the suffering to which he is destined. He can also enjoy happiness throughout his life, which is the desire of all human beings. For this purpose, faith is essential.

IN many cases, other families are not practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. There is no need to worry or grow anxious about this. That is because, if we stand up earnestly and confidently in faith, we can lead all of our families and relatives in the direction of happiness and hope. We are like a solitary lighthouse on a dark night, enabling numerous ships to safely sail the seas.

GONGYO is a solemn ceremony in which we fuse our lives with the life-state of the Buddha. By steadfastly and continually carrying out the practice of gongyo and daimoku, the world of Buddhahood in our life becomes solidified, just as firmly packing a pile of earth will produce a strong foundation.

WHEN you possess a life-condition in which you can enjoy everything no matter what happens, when you have a positive outlook and wisdom – you can overcome any kind of problem or suffering. It begins with polishing yourself. This is your “human revolution”. It is the principle of ichinen sanzen (the principle which expounds that a single life-moment contains three thousand realms). By changing your ichinen, or your inner state of life, you can move everything into the best direction for your happiness.

WHEN you joyfully do gongyo and carry out activities with the determination to accumulate more good fortune in your life, the heavenly deities will be delighted and will valiantly perform their duty. If you must take some action anyway, it is your advantage that you do so spontaneously and with a feeling of joy.

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