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22nd December

YOU will naturally meet various kinds of hardships in the course of your practice. However, when you continue to make patient, constructive efforts based on faith in the Law of Myoho, you will, without fail, come to lead a life that is filled with satisfaction and benefit.

DOING gongyo and chanting daimoku are for our own benefit. They are our right. You should not feel pressurised or view them as constraint. It is time to make gradual effort in mastering gongyo and increasing the amount of daimoku you chant, for the most important thing is to continue one's practice of faith without ceasing just like "flowing water".

NICHIREN Daishonin said, "A coward cannot have any of his/her prayers answered." (MW1, p246) If you have cowardly faith, you are not a disciple of the Daishonin. If you have cowardly faith, you cannot receive truly great benefit no matter how much you pray.

WE are bound to encounter cowardly and unpleasant people in society, but no matter how others may behave, let us create our own personal history that is free of all regrets. As "champions" of kosen-rufu, let us exert ourselves freely on life's stage throughout the four seasons, armed with pride, hope, purpose and deep fulfilment.

THE life philosophy of Buddhism is a magnificent system of thought that provides a firm basis for respect for the dignity and sanctity of human life. When this teaching spreads around the world, it surely will act as the most powerful force for preventing the outbreak of war.

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21st December

BUDDHISM is victory or defeat. Life is a struggle. Those who continue to burn with the spirit of struggle will triumph. The presence of this spirit in essence indicates one's victory as a human being. Those who abandon the spirit of struggle condemn themselves to defeat.

MORE than anything, it is your own life that is important. Rather than compare yourself to others, it is sufficient to compare whether you have improved from what you were before. There is no need to be impatient with yourself or have an inferiority complex towards others.

THERE is no such thing as "easy" Buddhist practice or "theoretical" Buddhist practice. Only Buddhist practice carried out for the sake of kosen-rufu amid the realities of society brings about great benefit.

WHEN people are in the states of Hell, Hunger, Animality or Anger, the outcome is a society of jealousy and craving that is pervaded with incessant strife. But when, one by one, people begin to chant the Mystic Law and individuality revolutionise their lives to manifest the worlds of Bodhisattva and Buddhahood, it becomes possible to realise an ideal society blossoming with peace, culture and education.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN said of those who embrace the Mystic Law, “You will grow younger, and your good fortune will accumulate.” Nichiren Daishonin’s teaching is absolutely free of any falsehood. The Lotus Sutra also promises perennial youth and eternal life, declaring that its practitioners “will know neither old age nor death”. Surely this refers to a life that has been tempered and forged through unflagging Buddhist practice.

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20th December

GONGYO is fundamental to the basics of faith, practice and study. Remember that our organisation, as well as all guidance and encouragement, begins and ends with gongyo.

WE might think that it would be nice to practise on our own in isolation from others, just following our own whims. But such a course would ultimately only make us extremely selfish and vulnerable to negative influences, thereby causing us to lose our way from the correct path. Any freedom that we might believe we had in practising in such a manner would just be a sham; we would never attain a state of life of true freedom.

THE comments of people close to you can help you focus your individuality on a positive direction. The education and guidance, advice, warnings and even rebukes that you receive can all be used constructively to steer you along the right path. On the other hand, refusing to listen to others' advice, doing only what you want to the exclusion of all else, cannot be described as individuality. That is just being stubborn, and it does not benefit anyone.

NO one is perfect. Therefore, let us strive to compensate for one another's weaknesses while allowing each person's strengths to shine to the fullest. Good fortune accrues from such a spirit of unity.

CHEERFULLY through your own splendid lives, I would like you to prove the statement, “Time is a great writer.” Your happiness alone is my fervent wish – and prayer.

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19th December

EVEN when we practise faith, it is only natural that we still encounter accidents, adversity and illness. This is clearly stated in Nichiren Daishonin's writings. What matters is how we actively challenge that misfortune when it appears and not give in to passive resignation. What matters is how we can surmount the obstacles we face and how we can change our karma. Faith provides the fundamental driving force for these efforts.

THE hardship you come across now will contribute to your growth. Problems are part and parcel of the growing process. Therefore, the important thing is to keep pressing forward, no matter how tough or painful the going may get.

WHEN we have the spirit to accomplish kosen-rufu, no effort is wasted. When we courageously and willingly make up our mind to achieve something, our lives boundlessly overflow with treasures.

THERE are no laurels of victory for those who drop out of a race half-way through. It is reaching the end that is important. Unless you complete the whole course that leads towards the finishing line of ultimate happiness which crowns your life, all the painstaking efforts you have make up to that point will have been for nought. I hope you will treasure and live resolutely in this world of human love and kosen-rufu.

IN time, a child will grow up to be an adult. A sapling will eventually become a larger tree. Likewise, the benefit of the Gohonzon may not be apparent today or tomorrow, as some form of immediate, sweeping change. However, in accord with the principle of attaining enlightenment in this lifetime, all of one’s prayers will definitely be fulfilled in the course of this lifetime.

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18th December

THE wonderful thing about Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism is that through daimoku, the four sufferings of birth, old age, sickness and death can be transformed into four castle walls or ramparts that fortify the palace of your life. Though it might be difficult to appreciate at first, the "mud" of our suffering provides the building material from which we can erect a solid bulwark for our palace of happiness within. The deeper the mire of suffering, the more indomitable a palace we establish.

IT is important that the place where you work is a place for forging your character and growing as a human being - and, by extension, therefore, it is a place for your Buddhist practice, place for practising and deepening your faith. When you view things from this angle, all your complaints will disappear.

WE will advance; we will walk the path exactly as Nichiren Daishonin teaches. Because we are right, we are not afraid nor will we be deterred. There is not the slightest need for us to be. Everything shall become apparent with the passage of time. The original Buddha is our greatest ally. It is inconceivable that we shall not win.

YOUTH is a battle with worries and problems. The purpose of faith is to overcome these. Only those who have overcome their own suffering will achieve great success as human beings and become winners in society.

THE mission of a leader is to put everyone’s mind at ease. Towards that end, it is very important to offer words and take actions that abound with compassion. This is in contrast to the authoritarian attitude of a person who tries to manipulate people as if they were machines, assuming that they will do everything as he says. The SGI is a world of thorough-going humanism.

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17th December

NO prayer to the Gohonzon goes unanswered. The Mystic Law is a great teaching that enables us to change poison into medicine. Through faith we can transform all sufferings into something positive and beneficial, and develop a higher state of life.

IN the organisation, on the job and in human relations, it is only natural that we should experience worries and deadlocks from time to time. But it is precisely at such time that we must break through. There is no alternative other than to advance and realise victory through our own efforts.

EXAMS are a form of training that allows you to develop your mind and your forbearance. What matters is that you never give up but continue making efforts. It is important that even if you get a bad grade, you have the spirit to try harder next time. If you did not do well today, there is always next time. And if you do not do well next time either, there is always the time after that. It is important to have the tenacity and persistence to keep challenging yourself time after time. Your entire life is a process of strengthening your mind and your endurance.

THERE is no doubt that one who lives with strong faith and a constant seeking spirit will definitely enjoy a life of total fulfilment. Your future is a hope-filled one. My hope is that each of you will become as solid as great trees, blossoming on the stage of the world. Please advance with youthful faith throughout your lives, never forgetting your original spirit.

UNLESS one stands up when times demand, one cannot be called a true human being, nor can one be called a disciple of Nichiren Daishonin. If we let evil have its way, it would be just too wretched for our successors. How greatly everyone would suffer!

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16th December

WHEN we human beings chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, we reveal our full capability for the first time. Furthermore, the gosho says, "The voice does the Buddha's work." When you chant daimoku resoundingly, the life condition of Buddhahood will well up within you, allowing you to manifest Buddhahood as you are, leading you towards a complete way of life.

WHEN people have a genuine sense that, no matter how difficult their present circumstances, they are not alone, but are virtually connected with others and with the world, they will be able to stand up without fail. This is the power inherent in life. It is important, therefore, that we form "good relations” and develop bonds with people who can have a positive influence on our lives and out Buddhist practice, or "good friends".

GOOD health equals Buddhism. Daily life equals faith. Taking care to avoid traffic accidents and making efforts to stay in good health, therefore, are all part of our Buddhist practice. It is important that we live wisely, striving with the awareness each day that all the actions and activities we undertake for the sake of faith contribute to our good health and well-being.

"TIME is a great writer." Our fight for kosen-rufu gives growing testimony to the truth of this statement. From a narrow perspective, it is difficult to perceive what is just. The crucial point is to view events from a long-range perspective. Then, the true essence of good and evil will come into view.

PROPAGATING Nichiren Daishonin’s teachings, sharing Buddhism with others, is the heart of the SGI. Towards that end, we as leaders must first of all pray earnestly and challenge our own human revolution. We must lead the way by taking action ourselves, while at the same time fully supporting our fellow members in their efforts to introduce others to Buddhism.

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15th December

A happy person is one who can create pleasant memories in life. One, whose life condition enables him/her to create happy and joyful memories, even in times of hardship or sorrow, will undoubtedly become a winner in life.

BECAUSE there are negative forces around us, we can exert ourselves. Because we energetically engage ourselves, we can accumulate benefit. And because we work hard, we can savour supreme joy.

YOUTH is the spirit of persistence - to keep making an effort to grow and to become more capable despite all obstacles. Those who keep striving for improvement remain youthful no matter how old they are. Conversely, those who fail to do so, even if they are young in years, will be old and weak in spirit.

THE Mystic Law, the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin, elucidates the principles for the truest and most correct way to live as a human being. Those who devote themselves to the Mystic Law will bring their lives to magnificent bloom, fragrant with eternal happiness transcending the boundaries of life and death. True happiness is not a matter of status but of whether or not one has lived a noble and upright life.

TO keep on living strongly, moving ever forward – this provides you with the strength not to let your life end as a tragedy. It is one of the knacks of leading a life of victory. Faint heartedness that leaves one nervous, trembling in fear or grieving whenever something appears is in itself a tragedy. It is pathetic.

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14th December

THE Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin is a perfect teaching - a flawless, true principle. Therefore, when one challenges oneself for kosen-rufu, none of the time and effort one spends is sacrificed. Due to the power of the True Law, every effort turns into one's own fortune and benefit, as well as a driving force to enjoy one's life fully and contribute to society greatly.

EVERYTHING depends on our heart, on our mind of faith. As the Daishonin said, "Faith alone is what really matters." (MW1, p246) Attaining Buddhahood, that is, establishing a life condition of absolute happiness depends entirely on the strength of our faith. Therefore, our heart must not be swayed. We must not allow our heart to be affected by envy and cowardice, but should develop a heart of faith that is strong and magnanimous. For herein lies happiness.

PLEASE never give in to defeat. For a seed to sprout, it must exert tremendous effort to break out of its outer covering. To reach outside to view the blue sky above, that sprout must then valiantly push its way up through a thick layer of soil.

PEOPLE are envied for their beauty, talent or good fortune; or because they are happy. Even the Buddha of the Latter Day of the Law was envied. Actually, because he was the Buddha of the Latter Day of the Law that Nichiren Daishonin was so resented and persecuted. But he endured everything and left behind the great teaching of ultimate happiness and peace for all mankind.

FAITH is something which, if you are fully convinced of its benefits, you continue on your own free will. Trust between parent and child is fundamental to this. As long as such bonds of trust exist, the parents’ prayers for their children’s happiness will communicate themselves.

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13th December

YOU can chant for as many things as you like. A person with many wishes and dreams should pray earnestly to fulfil each one. Buddhism is reason. Sometimes our immediate prayers are realised and sometimes they are not. When we look back later, however, we will be able to say with absolute conviction that everything turned out the way it did for the very best.

GAKKAI activities for the sake of kosen-rufu include two aspects of faith and practice. It is impossible to continue along the strict path of Buddhist practice if you forsake the organisation or your friends in faith. Alone you would be unable to continue a sincere practice of gongyo, daimoku and shakubuku for long.

WISDOM is not merely the accumulation of information or knowledge; rather, it is the ability to use information and knowledge to create value. Wisdom, therefore, concerns the entire human being. Creativity and originality, for example, are part of wisdom. Character, philosophy and action are also included in wisdom.

WE need to unite and pray in the spirit of "many in bodies but one in mind". When everyone prays together for victory in the endeavour to "refute the erroneous and reveal the true", our daimoku becomes that of the lion king. When everyone prays with one mind, kosen-rufu advances with increasing momentum. Prayer itself is the greatest power with which to forge ahead.

YOU are who you are. All you have to do is to walk resolutely in a manner true to yourself along your own path. The important thing is having the courage to fight evil or negative forces which obstruct the path of your conviction. If you leave evil to its devices, it only multiplies and will eventually make us its accomplices. Good exists only in one’s genuine efforts to fight evil.

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