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23rd May

WE need to rise into action right where we are, with the determination to do everything we can. That is crucial. True happiness is to be found in steadily and sincerely seeking true humanity and self-realisation in daily life. This is the start of building a great life.

IT is important to have the spirit to study the Gosho, to open up the Gosho. Even if you forget what you have read, something profound will have been engraved in the depths of your life.

TO possess both wisdom and compassion is the heart of our human revolution. If you have wisdom alone and lack compassion, it will be a cold, perverse kind of wisdom. If you have compassion alone and lack wisdom, you would not be able to save others. You are even likely to lead them in the wrong direction. You will also be unable to achieve your own happiness.

IT is by dedicating one’s existence to a great cause that one can truly lead a life of value. We are living based on the Mystic Law, the fundamental Law of life. Moreover, we are advancing towards the unprecedented ideal of kosen-rufu which aims to restore humanity and establish peace and security throughout the world. What way of life could be more respect worthy and exalted?

A magnet and a piece of iron which has not been magnetized differ greatly in their ability to attract other pieces of iron or steel. In a similar way, even among those who embrace faith in the Gohonzon, the benefit one receives will differ according to the strength of one’s faith.

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22nd May

LET us always make certain to remember, respect and protect the people who are striving with diligence and perseverance, modestly and inconspicuously, in their communities. My deepest wish is to visit these people, bow in respect to them and sincerely thank them for their admirable efforts.

MANY things happen in life. There are joyous days and times of suffering. Sometimes unpleasant things occur. But that is what makes life so interesting. The dramas we encounter are part and parcel of being human. If we experience no change or drama in our lives, if nothing unexpected ever happen, we would merely be like automations, our lives unbearably monotonous and dull.

JOY is not simply personal, egoistic happiness. Nor is it making others happy while sacrificing yourself or your own happiness. You and others delighting together, you and others becoming happy together – this is the Mystic Law and the wondrous thing about our realm of kosen-rufu.

EVERYTHING comes down to the extent to which you train and polish yourself. If, contend with summary knowledge and strategies, one avoids the efforts that building a foundation entails, you will later experience loss. Furthermore, the principle of cause and effect of the Mystic Law is very strict. Unless you polish yourself through earnest faith, you will definitely not be able to realize a life of indestructible happiness and victory.

ALWAYS bear in mind that a shining glory awaits when you are able to break through the walls which may seem to confine you.

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21st May

OUR community is important. Those who work hard in their communities, no matter how tough the challenge, are champions. We can become Buddhas right where we are now. It is a big mistake to think of the large cities as somehow superior to the countryside. I firmly believe that those who triumph in their own community are the true and most human, victors in life.

IT is important for you not to be defeated by the environment. You must not lose faith in yourself. Each of you has a mission in this lifetime that only you can fulfill. Each of you has a life that only you can live and create something of value. Whatever else you may doubt, please do not doubt this.

NO matter how healthy, intelligent or affluent we may be, if our minds are weak, then our happiness will also be frail and brittle. Our mind of faith, however, enables us to bring out the full potential in all things and situations, so it is crucial that we thoroughly strive to forge our mind of faith.

TOTAL commitment is the key to victory. No matter what happens, we must not be daunted; we must not lose, but must ever continue to challenge ourselves and our circumstances. This is what contributes true proof of our following a correct path in life. I hope that you will strongly maintain this attitude of thorough-going belief.

NO obstacles can stand for long when we act with patience and courage and when we pray to the Gohonzon in the spirit of itai doshin (many in body, one in mind). The important point for us is to have absolute conviction in this.

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20th May

WHETHER in suffering or in joy, even in the face of an insurmountable deadlock, if one continues to chant daimoku wholeheartedly, then tremendous hope will well up from within.

IN any undertaking, one cannot win if he has a half-hearted attitude. If he does, though for a while it might seem that he can get along satisfactorily, in the end he will definitely suffer destruction and defeat. This is a fact of life. How much more so this is the case in our quest to scale the treacherous peak of kosen-rufu! If our efforts are half-hearted, we will not be able to achieve our lofty goal, nor, individually, can we attain Buddhahood.

UNLESS we are strong, we cannot win in life. Nor can we accomplish kosen-rufu. The essence of our human revolution is to become as strong a human being as possible.

THERE are many people who demonstrate admirable integrity and character. It is a mistake to judge people merely on the basis of whether or not they practice Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. Since there are so many wonderful people who are non-members, it simply means that those of us who are members should strive to develop our humanity and character all the more.

EMBODYING the spirit of Nichiren Daishonin’s writings, we of the SGI have called on thinking people throughout the world to unite and have opened an incomparable path of peace, culture and education. We have brought people together. We have brought the world together. And we have brought diverse cultures together.

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19th May

NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO is the fundamental law that purifies every aspect of one’s life. It is like an excellent medicine. Just as a single match can ignite a fire that spreads limitlessly through a plain of grass, when one does gongyo and chants daimoku before the Gohonzon, even the deeply entrenched karmic causes of past slander will be expelled before the “great wind” of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and the “flame” of Myoho.

THERE is no resting in the practice of faith. Until you arrive at the land of eternal truth, that is, attain Buddhahood in this lifetime, you must unremittingly advance in the way of faith. Though you may be heartlessly criticized and may be assailed by storms of destiny, you must continue to advance step by step, never allowing yourself to be defeated.

ONE of the Buddha’s titles is Nonin, “He who can forbear”. To courageously endure, persevere and overcome all difficulties – the Buddha is the ultimate embodiment of the virtue of forbearance. The power of faith gives us the strength to weather and survive any storm. Being able to persevere is the essence of a Buddha.

IF we keep our efforts even when the going is tough, we will earn respect. The important thing is to persevere in the path you have chosen, irrespective of how difficult circumstances may become or how others around you may change. Those who can do this will emerge as champions and victors in life. They will win in the end. Such people also make true friends.

THE SGI is an organization of truth and sincerity. As such, our efforts are guaranteed to bear fruit, without fail. On the other hand, petty, unscrupulous people who try to engineer the downfall of those working for truth and justice are bound to suffer ruin in the end. The Chinese philosopher, Hsun-Tzu said, “One who scorns the just and vilifies the sincere may wish to escape ruin but most certainly cannot.” These are the insightful words of one of the world’s great thinkers.

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18th May

BECAUSE we are flesh and blood, we naturally get tired or fall ill from time to time. However, we must not allow our spirit to be continuously dark or heavy on that account. I hope that, through your participation in the vast world of faith that opens a solution to such sufferings, you will transform all situations for the better.

THE importance of having a refined way of expression hold true for our organisation and our activities in the community as well. I hope that leaders, in particular, will be considerate in their manner of addressing fellow members. The way you speak is indicative of the depth of your faith, character and culture. Insensitive and irresponsible language hurt not only others, but the person himself, as a believer, a leader and member of society.

AS long as you burn with faith, have self-confidence and hope, you will be young and full of energy. You will be able to say that you have truly lived, been a true victor, and winner of life’s medal of honour. This is the essence of life, of faith, and of Buddhism.

EDISON invented things that were of practical benefit to humanity. He was clear about his purpose. He was not simply interested in personal acclaim or riches. And he pursued his endeavours with a “never give up” spirit. We, likewise, are living with a conviction, determined never to give up in our efforts to help even a single person become happy. We are working for the noblest of all causes, kosen-rufu.

KOSEN-RUFU is the infinitely noble and worthy challenge of attempting to elevate the human spirit to the loftiest heights. No life could be greater than one dedicated to this glorious and everlasting cause. Of course, we all experience various problems and difficulties in our daily existence, but the important thing is to achieve exhilarating victory in each challenge before us, one at a time, day by day.

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17th May

YOU cannot build a foundation without effort and hard work, and without a solid foundation, you cannot become a person of genuine substance. Cunning people who shun hard work and seek to make it big overnight invariably come to a fall in the end.

WHEN a person who is seriously ill recovers, that is a great human revolution. When a mean person becomes kind to others, that is human revolution. When people who treat their parents badly begin to love them, that is human revolution. Human revolution cannot be pinned down to one specific thing. It is any action that leads to positive change or improvement in the inner realm of a person’s life.

IT is important to have the self-confidence to confront whatever problem or test you face without fear, and the spirited-determination to win a great victory in your local region. This is the source of indomitable strength to press forward, ever forward.

A true religion does not confine people to the darkness of ignorance and blind obedience. On the contrary, it awakens people intellectually and nourishes them. In the end, a true religion produces people of wisdom. Intellect is an extension of faith, and faith is an extension of intellect. With both faith and intellect working harmoniously, one can achieve unlimited self-development as a human being, fully developing one’s character.

A profound connection between the Gohonzon and oneself is the basic posture of faith. All we have to do is perceive everything from this standpoint. However, if one is shaken on this single point, then everything will appear to him in a distorted way.

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16th May

THOSE who do not stand up to against wrongdoing and injustice are not just. They are not strong; they are devious and self-serving. President Toda often said quite strictly, “People who are lax towards evil, people who do not fight against evil, no matter how good natured they are or impressive they may appear on the surface, ultimately have no principles, no convictions. They have no real character either. They are devious, self-serving individuals.”

STRENGTH is the source of happiness. We must not shy away from life’s challenges. We must not be defeated. Refusing to be defeated equals victory. A person who perseveres to the end is a winner.

WHEN your life is filled with the desire for improvement, when it is a life of effort, of faith, you will feel hope. A degenerate life, a life of self-interest, of exploiting others may seem good for a while, but it will always take a downwards spin, lapse into suffering and end up in despair.

THE depth and power of one’s faith determines the degree of wisdom and happiness one can develop. When the sun rises, the earth is illuminated. Similarly, when the sun of faith rises within and permeates your inner world, you will manifest the wisdom to create value in society and your daily life. For us, wisdom is a manifestation of faith. Conversely, faith must manifest itself as wisdom.

FAITH is confidence and confidence means strength and hope. A person who lacks confidence will tend to be swayed by devilish influences and be defeated by negative criticism. Compromising with the trend of the times, he will estrange himself from the depths of faith.

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15th May

YOU should know that rather than talking about your past karmas, it is hundred of times more valuable to chant daimoku courageously to the Gohonzon, the source of tremendous benefit, as you continue to live your life. Living in such a way will enable you to gain the confidence and understanding of others, thereby penning the way towards kosen-rufu.

YOU do not have to pay anything to express yourself; it is free of charge. What matters is how, through your expression others are revitalized, influenced and awakened. The wisdom to do this cannot be bought with money. After all, most essentials of life, like the air we breathe, have no price. Compassion, affection and wisdom – all of these are free. You do not have to be in the least bit stingy with them.

BEING victorious is crucial in Buddhism. Victory leads to happiness. Victory leads to kosen-rufu. It is invigorating to win. It also attracts others to our cause. If we lose, no one will give us a second glance. This is true for the individual, the family and the nation.

AS part of a larger whole – be it a family or a group – it is important for us to have the spirit and wisdom to harmonise and get along with others. The ability to be flexible and accommodate different views is itself a sign of a solid sense of self. We should neither be lazy, blindly following the crowd, nor self-centred, blindly going against it. Rather, we should seek balance and harmony. Being able to demonstrate such wisdom shows a strong self-identity.

IN my youth, I also worked hard as a district leader and group chief. Those who suddenly shoot to fame or high position tend to crumple and fall just as easily because they lack a solid basis. A foundation cannot be built without effort and hard work. This only stands to reason.

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14th May

TO eradicate bad karma from the past, establish a life of good fortune in the future and enjoy great benefits amid the realities of daily life, we must carry out the practice of gongyo.

OUR value-creation movement, from its inception, has been ahead of the times. Through it, we have been showing that Buddhism is the fundamental approach to tap one’s creativity. It can be said that the times are catching up to what we have contended all along. We have now arrived at a stage at which we can play a major role in society.

AS long as one’s mind of faith is connected to the Gohonzon, one’s benefits will never disappear. That is why it is vital for you to persevere in your Buddhist practice throughout your whole life, no matter what, even if some days your physical condition or various other circumstances may prevent you from doing gongyo and chanting daimoku to your full satisfaction. Those who continue to challenge themselves to the end savour ultimate victory.

THE realisation of your prayers begins with making concrete efforts towards their fulfilment. If you believe that things will turn out the way you have prayed as long as you continue your efforts, your mind will be filled with hope, optimism and confidence that your prayers will definitely be answered. At the same time, by chanting daimoku, you will be able to see what you must do to succeed in your life, as clearly as the morning sun illuminates the earth.

WHAT is the most ordinary, yet also the most powerful driving force for kosen-rufu? It is the district. I hope you will always remember this as you challenge yourselves to advance kosen-rufu.

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