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25th January

FOR what purpose should we cultivate wisdom? For what purpose is our faith? The answer is to win - to win in life, in society and as human beings; it is to win without fail so that we may secure happiness and create peace. People who have this are strong. People who have forgotten their purpose are weak.

NO one has only faults or only merits. We all have a mixture of both. Therefore, you should strive to develop and polish your positive attributes. As you do so, your shortcomings will fade until they are no longer apparent.

IT is indeed the case that "not to advance is to regress". Those who advance are filled with hope. Such people manifest courage. They live positive lives and know true fulfilment. Again, such people are able to produce meaningful results. It is for these reasons that they are happy.

BUDDHISM concerns itself primarily with victory or defeat. We must never allow ourselves to be defeated by obstructions on the road to kosen-rufu. Progress is made possible only by facing the tough reality of hardships and displaying proof of victory as Buddhists both in our personal lives and in society.

IN anything you do, you must have an objective or goal. No matter how seriously you may strive to achieve it, if you deviate from that course or give up your effort halfway before you achieve the goal, you will never make the exuberant feeling of accomplishment.

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24th January

IN any place, and at any time, voices chanting sincere daimoku with faith in the Gohonzon will be heard by the Buddhas and bodhisattvas throughout time and space. Such voices will reverberate throughout the universe. Filled with a sense of pride, you should chant daimoku confident that the reverberations of your voice will carry as far as billions of light-years away. By cultivating faith of such great conviction you will be able to receive tremendous benefit.

FAITH enables us to transform not only our day to day problems but our lives at their very foundation. Through the Buddhist practice, we can develop a strong inner core and a solid and inexhaustible reservoir of good fortune.

IN any endeavour, whether the arts or sports or any other pursuits, the master-disciple relationships is both challenging and rewarding. In particular, how strict and yet compassionate the bond is between master and disciple in the practice of faith, which comprises the very fundamentals of life, and in the pursuit of the great goal of kosen-rufu.

NOTHING is more noble than a life dedicated to kosen-rufu. Such people are devoted not only to their own happiness but also that of others. They enjoy good health and a fulfilling life. They accumulate boundless good fortune and benefit. This is the ultimate way of life. And it is the absolute promise of Nichiren Daishonin, the Buddha of the Latter Day of the Law.

ONE must not be so narrow-minded as to seek only to increase one's strength or exhibit one's capability. Doing so will obstruct the flow of kosen-rufu. The way to bring about a dynamic and powerful advances of kosen-rufu, like waves building upon waves lies in finding capable people, raising them and diverting them towards the goal of kosen-rufu.

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23rd January

THE Daishonin's Buddhism teaches us that the Law of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo encompasses everything. For this reason, no matter what happens, we need simply continue chanting with confidence. Without being swayed in the least by untoward circumstances, let us continue proudly chanting resonant daimoku.

NO matter what anyone says, or even if, for instance we encounter from time to time unpleasant individuals along the way, we must not leave the SGI, because the correct practice of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism for the realisation of kosen-rufu is found only in the SGI.

EACH of you has a precious mission that only you can fulfill. Suffering people around the world are waiting for your brave endeavours. To neglect one's mission and seek only personal pleasure is a sign of selfishness. It is impossible for an egotistic, self-centred individual to truly love another person.

THE bond between parents and children is deep. But the bond that connects disciple with master is even stronger and deeper. The desire to seek a teacher is a lofty one, and the joy you experience when you find that teacher is enormous. Having a master is so important that it is said that you cannot trust a person who does not have a master.

THERE is no such thing as a life without trials and tribulations. A life without meeting obstacles is a weak one. One cannot depend on someone who has not had to overcome difficulties.

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22nd January

SUCCESS can never be genuine unless it is based on the accumulation of steady and strenuous efforts, expended day by day and from moment to moment.

THE Mystic Law embraces the law of cause and effect, the absolute law that pervades all existence, both sentient and insentient. This is why our thoughts and actions, based on the Mystic Law, will not disappear without effects but will be registered in our lives, which are one with the great universe, and will shine for all eternity as infinite blessings and virtues.

A person who perseveres with genuine faith is able to accumulate genuine good fortune. Absolutely no one and nothing can destroy the happy state of life that we ourselves have constructed, or rob us of the blessings and virtues we have accumulated. On the contrary, every time we encounter a great persecution, we are able to open and cultivate a still more wonderful state of life.

THE richer our own hearts, our own humanity, the more we are able to recognise and value the humanity of others. Those who bully and belittle others only diminish their own humanity.

ALL of us in the SGI are “old friends of life”, “old friends across eternity”, precious beyond measure and linked by bonds from the ‘beginningless’ past. We have treasured this world of trust, friendship and fellowship. How sad and pitiful it is to betray and leave this beautiful realm! Those who abandon their faith travel on a course to tragic defeat in life.

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21st January

IN our organisation, there is no need to listen to the criticism of people who do not do gongyo and participate in activities for kosen-rufu. It is very foolish to be swayed at all by their words, which are nothing more then abuse, and do not deserve the slightest heed.

“TO continue” means to continue faith in the True Law; in your own beliefs; in your own wisdom; in the pursuit of happiness; in the fundamental power that leads to the eternity of the three existences of past, present and future; in the realm of all wonderful treasures of the universe; in an indestructible, lofty spiritual state; and on the solid road to good fortune. “Continuing” applies to everything.

THE principle of cause and effect is strict and exacting: it holds true whether or not your efforts are appreciated. It is not outward appearance of things that matters. Nor is authority or position of any importance. It is your heart or spirit. It is the actions that you take. This is the teaching of Nichiren Daishonin.

YOU will never find happiness if you do not change yourself from within. Happiness is not something that someone else can give to you. You have to achieve it for yourself. And the only way to do so is by developing your own character and capacity as a human being; by fully maximizing your potential. If you sacrifice your own growth and talent for love, you will absolutely not find happiness. True happiness is obtained through fully realizing your own potential.

SOME people spent their days pursuing idle amusement. Some live aimless lives, succumbing to indolence and apathy. But neither of these ways of living will ever lead to true fulfillment or happiness.

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20th January

NICHIREN DAISHONIN wrote, "To accept is easy; to continue is difficult. But Buddhahood lies in continuing faith." "To continue" means to embrace the Gohonzon throughout your life and for eternity, upholding your vow of faith no matter what happens. Because of the truth of the simultaneity of cause and effect, everything is of value inherent in a single thought of faith.

IN the world of faith, we are able to accumulate blessings and virtues to the extent that we offer prayers, speak out and take action; this is in accord with the principle of cause and effect. To the same extent, we are also able to expand our spiritual horizons and solidify the path of happiness in our own lives. Absolutely no effort is wasted in the world of faith.

ALONE, one's sufferings only deepen. Hope disappears. Human beings need to be with and among other human beings. Engagement with others forges our characters and enriches us.

WHILE resonantly chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, the fundamental rhythm of the universe, we work, speak and act for the development of society, world peace and the happiness of humanity. There is no more noble life than this. That is why thinking people around the world are strongly seeking out Buddhism, the supreme law that permeates life and the universe.

THROUGH home visitation, bring the light of faith to members who cannot attend meetings. Constant encouragement will accumulate and someday become a rushing a river of joy.

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19th January

HAVING knowledge is not itself happiness. To have much knowledge is indeed one essential condition for a personal awakening to life and the development of society. Nevertheless, you should not consider having knowledge to be the same level as enjoying true happiness to the fullest.

THE last of the five cardinal virtues is that of fidelity or, as I think it might be rendered, sincerity. This is the basic element in transforming distrust into trust, hostility into understanding, and hatred into compassion. The elements of confidence and friendship cannot be cultivated "strategically". Real trust is indispensable if the people of the world are to open their hearts and minds to one another.

BATHED in the Daishonin's immense compassion, we are composing an eternal history moment by moment and day by day. We are able to turn the lands where we strive to fulfil our mission into strongholds of everlasting happiness and joy, into eternal Buddha lands. For this reason, no effort made in the realm of faith is wasted. Everything will have a positive meaning. Everything becomes a force propelling us towards the state of eternal happiness over the three existences.

IN faith, things do not just happen automatically. Our prayers are answered only if they are accompanied by tenacious and steadfast efforts. Without ninety-nine percent efforts, there can be no victory.

BUDDHISM teaches that we all inherently possess the state of Buddhahood and so wherever we dwell is in fact the Land of Eternally Tranquil Light. It is the power of the Mystic Law that enables us to transform the place where we are now - the place where we struggle with the daily realities and problems of life - into a place of victory.

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18th January

SOME may think that our activities are inconsequential and mundane. But I hope you will be aware and proud that each of our efforts contributes to a dynamic momentum that spreads throughout the entire world. The age of the SGI has finally arrived, causing people around the world to sit up in wonder!

ONE of our challenges as human beings is how we maintain a sense of purpose each day. The important thing is to continually strive to find something that gives one joy and hope and thereby bring one's life to a fulfilling and satisfying completion. In any effort, it is the finishing stages that are very important. Similarly, the final chapter of our life is crucial.

OTHER people will go their own way, and you will go yours. It is important to realise your mission which you have decided upon and live up to your convictions. No matter how your surroundings may change, if you remain unswayed and advance straight ahead with steadfast faith, you will become a victor in the end.

THE virtue of wisdom is the source of all creative endeavours. It is necessary that we free ourselves from rigid and fixed modes of thinking, tap fresh sources of wisdom that inspire a flexible and adaptive attitude, and bring this wisdom to bear towards the resolution of these dire threats to human existence.

NEVER forget that you can create two or three times as much value as before when you face each situation with a sense of responsibility and aspiration.

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17th January

WHAT other people think of you should not be the object of your concern. What is important is how you evaluate yourself and how much pride you can derive from your own life. As you live your life sincerely according to your beliefs, you can exemplify the most valuable way of living to your own existence.

PROPRIETY refers to acknowledging and respecting the existence of others. Our world is an aggregation of many different people and nations, each with its own cultures and traditions, which forms the core of national identity. Acknowledging and making effort to understand and respect different cultures is the basis for peaceful co-existence.

CERTAINLY, our daily reality is an unending succession of change. However, we who chant the daimoku of the Mystic Law and are dedicated to advancing kosen-rufu do not surrender ourselves to the eddying tides of impermanence that lead to suffering. Instead, by turning all changes into an impetus for accumulating eternal good fortune, we lead lives replete with joy.

OUR voice is an expression of our life force. That is why our voice is so important. It is vital, therefore, that we speak out with confidence, dignity and the courage of lions, and to fearlessly refute with razor sharp reasoning, the slanderous accusations levelled against us. This is the path that leads to the progress of kosen-rufu.

YOU are all emissaries of the Buddha. Whatever your situation or circumstances, you have a mission. You will attain happiness without fail. I hope that, no matter what obstacles you face, you will continue to advance calmly, enjoying everything you encounter in life.

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16th January

FIRST of all, lets tear down any walls within our minds. For it is often the case that we ourselves determine our limits.

WE live in a world today where many think only about themselves and forget about those who are suffering. Yet all of you are striving day in and day out for the sake of humanity and working for the welfare of society. This is why people the world over place their trust and confidence in us. This is why people the world over find hope for the new century in the SGI.

STRONG are those who plant firm roots, tirelessly exert themselves, and create an unshakable foundation wherever they go. Such people are in fact creating their own eternal foundation of good fortune and benefit.

"THE Gohonzon is found in faith alone," the Daishonin declared. If we have faith, the Gohonzon will manifest itself in our lives. Those who enshrine the Gohonzon yet do not practise faith (as the Daishonin taught), however, will receive no benefit. The Gosho strictly sets forth this principle of causality.

LIFE is a struggle. In a struggle, the person with the strongest desire to win triumphs. In the long journey of kosen-rufu, too, you must proceed forward with determined courage. With bold vigour, stride forever forward to grasp the laurel crown of triumph as an individual and for human society.

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