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23rd August

YOUTH Division in particular must not behave arrogantly. I ask the youth leaders to sincerely look after their juniors in faith, and work wholeheartedly for the happiness of their fellow members.

IN life, you have to decide what you will do and then make efforts to achieve it. If you do not, you will end up frustrated and unhappy. How you grow as a human being and strive to achieve your wonderful goals and dreams will determine whether you head towards self-improvement or decline. Education exists for us to become happy, to succeed and to lead brilliant lives.

FAITH manifests itself in daily life. Daily life, in turn, is the stage upon which we show proof of faith. True human victory and happiness are attained through the earnest and steady day-to-day efforts we make in our lives.

JUST as a mirror is indispensable for putting your face and hair in order, if you are to lead a happier and more beautiful existence, it is necessary that you have a mirror that reveals the depths of your life.

HUMAN beings have both a good side and a bad side. From here on, as you grow, you will be choosing in which of these two directions you will go. If you pursue the good side, the path of happiness will gradually unfold for you. If you choose the negative side, your choice will inevitably result in a life of hellish suffering.

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22nd August

MANY accidents happen in society. Caution is of course important, but there is a limit to how cautious one can be. Whether one is consciously aware of it or not, the only sure and fundamental precaution is earnest prayer to the Gohonzon.

MIRRORS reflect our outward form. The mirror of Buddhism, however, reveals the intangible aspect of our life. Mirrors, which function by virtue of the laws of light and reflection, are a product of human wisdom. On the other hand, the Gohonzon which, based on the Law of the universe and life itself, makes it possible for us to attain Buddhahood by providing us with means of perceiving the true aspect of our life, in the culmination of the Buddha wisdom.

THERE are no deadlocks when you have faith. Through faith you can overcome any and all problems and eternally advance towards ever more expansive horizons of hope. This is the most wonderful way to live. Hope costs nothing; it is free. Yet at the same time it is life’s most valuable treasure.

WHEN you reach old age, you know in your heart if you are satisfied with your life or not. No one else can know this or decide it for you. The great challenge we face in our rapidly aging society is whether we can honestly say at the end of our days on this earth that our life was well spent.

MEETING others face-to-face is the only way. Meeting in person forges bonds of trust and brings people together. It also plays a vital role in fostering capable people. Our organization has achieved the global development that it has today precisely because we have persistently carried out such one-to-one dialogue. This is the unwavering formula by which the development of our movement unfolds.

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21st August

AN organization is needed so that, based on the Gohonzon, we can encourage each other, protect each other, and advance without error on the path of steadfast faith. A consistent practice of gongyo and daimoku is essential.

SOCIETY and daily life are the “great earth” for our faith and practice of the True Law. The steady development of kosen-rufu can be ensured only when, based on faith, we carefully attend to the affairs of society, our daily life and our families. “Faith manifest itself in daily life” – this is our eternal guideline.

FAITH is crucial. Only with the actual practice of chanting daimoku and taking action for kosen-rufu does one’s faith become true and correct and can one reap infinite benefit and blessings.

IF you make the time – for example, 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes in the afternoon and 10 minutes at night – you will be able to read a total of 30 minutes a day. You will often find that you read with much greater concentration in those precious moments of time set aside amid busy schedule. It usually leaves a much deeper impression than reading done at a more leisure pace.

THE Gohonzon is neither outside of us, nor in some specific place. It is found within faith. Without faith, we cannot bring forth the life state of Buddhahood. The Gohonzon exists in the lives of all who believe in the Mystic Law, chant daimoku, and work for kosen-rufu; it encompasses all of the treasures of the universe.

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20th August

ULTIMATELY, it all comes down to you confidently sharing your conviction and experience in faith with your friends. This plants the seeds of happiness and hope in the lives of those you talk with. These seeds will definitely take root, bud and eventually flower. Until that happens, it is enough that you continue chanting and wait for that time to come.

DAIMOKU is the key. Daimoku is the mother bird that warms and hatches the egg of potential that is you yourself. The inside of a bird’s egg is liquid. Just looking at it, you would never guess that it could ever become a bird. But when the egg is warmed by the mother bird, slowly from this liquid a beak forms, then eyes, then wings, until eventually a fine bird emerges that can soar high into the sky.

WE should never place unreasonable demands on our fellow members. To overstrain oneself and to have strong faith are two different things. Unless we are in good health, we cannot fully and unstintingly devote ourselves to activities for kosen-rufu. We should advance with wisdom and common sense, and show actual proof of good health and longevity.

OUR organization for kosen-rufu exists so that each member can attain absolute happiness. Let us make it perfectly clear that the objective of this organization is your happiness.

YOU were born into this world alone and you will die alone. This cycle will continue eternally. You must continually strengthen yourself by chanting daimoku, the most wondrous medicine, whose efficacy is unlimited.

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19th August

THERE are people who live in lavish mansions, but are not happy in the least. There are those who are fabulously rich, yet miserable. Wealth does not equal happiness. Rather, for many people it can actually be a source of suffering. Similarly, just because you gain social position or graduate from a prestigious university does not necessarily mean you will be happy.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN said, “Suffer what there is to suffer, enjoy what there is to enjoy.” (WND, p681) By leading such a vigourous and vibrant life, we are able to advance each day by leaps and bounds towards absolute happiness, and help others do the same.

CONVICTION gives birth to courage. Faith is the highest conviction. For this reason, people of faith must possess the greatest courage.

NICHIREN DAISHONIN stated in the Gosho, “There is no greater happiness for human beings than chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.” So long as you maintain strong faith, resolutely chanting daimoku to the Gohonzon no matter happens, then you will without fail be able to lead a life of complete fulfillment. This is in accordance with the principle that earthly desires are enlightenment.

FAITH is the important thing. Everything is ultimately determined by the strength of one’s faith. I hope you will be confident of the greatness of faith, and lead lives that brighten your workplaces, communities and society itself.

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18th August

FIRST, chant daimoku.
First, be in good health.
First, work cheerfully.
First, establish your finances.
And first, take the initiative.

WHAT is the purpose of life? It is happiness. And there are two kinds of happiness: relative and absolute. Relative happiness comes in a variety of forms. The purpose of Buddhism is to attain Buddhahood. In modern times, this could be explained as realizing absolute happiness – a state of happiness that can never be destroyed or defeated.

“SUCH-and-such is sick. So-and-so is suffering financially. I must do my best to give them encouragement.” To think in this way, to offer prayers and take action for others’ happiness – this is the behaviour of a Buddhist. Those who make efforts to bring joy to others even though they may be suffering themselves are bodhisattvas.

TO have the desire to sit in front of the Gohonzon and chant daimoku is very important. It is an expression of one’s determination to improve oneself. That spirit is important. That spirit is the proof of our humanity, an expression of the noble spirit to accomplish something with our lives.

THE human heart is unfathomable. It is fickle and constantly changing. From moment to moment, our inner state of mind changes; we experience various emotions – joy, sorrow, anger, pain. Life, too, is full of changes. That is why, for countless centuries and millennia, humanity has pondered the question of what constitutes the best and surest way to lasting happiness.

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17th August

EARTHLY desires (bonno) are the eternal destiny of human beings. But for one with strong faith in Mystic Law, they will become enlightenment (bodai) and the treasure of a happy state of life. With faith, everything can serve to help strengthen and polish our character and expand our happiness.

ONLY if you challenge your human revolution in a manner that is true to yourself will the people around you naturally begin to trust and respect you. That in itself is the greatest way of laying the groundwork for the spread of True Buddhism.

WITHOUT practice, there is no Buddhism. In order for a person to become top-notch in anything, he or she must undergo training and practice. This is the key to achieving victory. To continue striving vigourously in one’s Buddhist practice, no matter what, is itself proof of victory in life.

AS long as one is holed up in egoism, there is no happiness. It is when we break out and take action for others that our lives spring with vitality. We become happy ourselves and we help others to do the same. This is analogous to the two motions of a planet which rotates on its axis while revolving around the sun. It is a universal principle.

WE possess the eternal prime point of faith. Those who persist in faith throughout their lives will never be deadlocked at the most fundamental level. For there are no deadlocks in the Mystic Law and faith is the source of infinite hope. It is the vacillating, doubting human heart that creates deadlocks.

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16th August

NICHIREN DAISHONIN wrote: “Though we may experience suffering for a time, in the end we will savour joy.” (Gosho Zenshu, p1565) No matter what suffering and pain you may encounter in life’s journey, you can ultimately transform it all into joy. This is the quintessence of faith.

PRECISELY because our lives are endowed with the world of Buddhahood, it is possible for us to believe in the Lotus Sutra. And when we summon forth the power of faith and believe in the Lotus Sutra, we can liberate the power of the world of Buddhahood inherent in our lives and channel it into creating value. Our continual practice then enables us to display the power of the world of Buddhahood all the more strongly.

LIFE is bright and cheerful if you always try to see things in a positive light, and move in a positive direction. To always moping around with a gloomy expression on one’s face or with a face set in lines of complaint and discontentment, or to only do things grudgingly, without enthusiasm, is a joyless and tedious way of life.

WHEN we speak of showing actual proof, it does not mean we have to try to put on a show of being in any way more knowledgeable or accomplished than we are. It is my hope that, in the manner that best suits your unique situation, you will show proof of validity of this Buddhism by making steady improvements in your daily life and polishing your character, and also in your family, place of work and community.

WHEN one prays earnestly to the Gohonzon with a mind of faith, all the problems occurring in the realities of daily life – that is, the sufferings arising from the illusions or as the effects of bad karma – can be perceived as, and actually transformed into, influences leading to enlightened wisdom and benefit. This great road of happiness lies in our daily life, based upon faith.

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15th August

IN the realm of Buddhism we are all equal and we are all worthy of respect. We all have a mission and we are all equally direct disciples of Nichiren Daishonin. Everyone, therefore, has the right to voice their opinions. It is also important that we listen to everyone’s opinions as well. It is crucial, too, to create an atmosphere within our organisation where people can discuss things freely.

IF you are not arrogant, do not put on airs, and are not obsessed with status, fame or wealth, you can bring on a strength that is truly selfless; you will not begrudge giving of yourself to others. On the other hand, if you hunger even a little for such fleeting vanities, your faith will slide downhill.

IT is the job of the doctors to cure illness. Faith enables us to accumulate good fortune and summon forth the essential life force to fight against illness. Live with courage and wisdom, so that everything – doctors, medicine and the encouragement of friends – may function as shoten zenjin, a protective and positive influence, for you life.

SINCE we have taken the lead to embrace this great religion to which so much of mankind still remains oblivious, above all it is important that we demonstrate the value of the Buddhism by showing actual proof in our daily lives. Seeing such proof is what enables people to realize for the first time the novelty and greatness of this Buddhism, that it is something they have never encountered up to now.

WIN people’s trust in everything. That is both your own victory and a victory for kosen-rufu.

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14th August

NICHIREN DAISHONIN taught that the Mystic Law possesses limitless power, permeating the entire universe. You already embrace the Mystic Law. Therefore it is certain that you will enjoy prosperity and good fortune.

OUR mission in life is to lead people to the Mystic Law, explaining that this is the Great Law for attaining true happiness and the basis of eternal peace.

BUDDHISM is not something separated from life. It is nothing more than the way of the human being. Faith is what develops truly human people. Those who allow themselves to be dominated by lust for power or other destructive desires are not human beings but some kind of unsightly creatures.

YOUR success or failure in life is not decided on your achievements and results in school. To win true victory in life requires that you keep polishing the unequaled jewel of your unique potential as you make your way through life, bringing it to shine with supreme brilliance.

THE purpose of faith is for each of us to attain happiness. The purpose of Buddhism is for each of us to be victorious. Please be deeply compassionate leaders who protect your fellow members without begrudging your lives.

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